Data Services

CKA Telecoms understands that the internet is the backbone of most businesses today. Whether it be email, viewing documents online or your hosted PBX system, the internet is a business-critical service.

Our Solution

At CKA Telecoms we are able to offer our ethernet connectivity for those that require more bandwidth than a normal broadband connection can provide. We do this by interconnecting with BT, Vodafone, Talk Talk Business, SSE, Colt and Virgin to maximise availability to you, at a very competitive price.

What We Do for Your Business

By providing a multi-vendor approach, we are able to service your requirements ensuring high speed and secure internet connectivity via fibre or copper. We recognise the need to offer a wide range of connectivity solutions that are tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Why use CKA Telecoms for your Data Connectivity?

IP phones registered directly onto our platform send the data directly to our network. This means less distance to travel and therefore greater quality of service.

CKA Telecoms can offer differing levels of QoS, meaning a smaller or larger part of the connection can be designated for your VoIP calls. Whatever applications you are running over the internet, voice clarity won’t suffer.

Any faults within the service are resolved much quicker if CKA Telecoms provide the end to end service. We have proactive monitoring tools in place that can pre-empt issues and resolve them quickly as we know exactly where the fault lies.

We can offer flexible contracts to fit in with your business needs.

Hosted Phone System Pricing

CKA Telecoms is committed to providing the right data package for your business!

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