Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted PBX, sometimes known as a virtual PBX, or hosted voice, is a private phone system within a business that enables you to make, receive and manage calls easily and affordably.

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How it Works

With Hosted PBX, calls are made using your internet connection, meaning a significant saving of up to 80% against a traditional on-premise system. The whole system is stored and maintained by us, at one of our secure datacentres, which means we will look after your system and take the stress away from you. This leaves you to concentrate on the more important things in your business.

What We Do for Your Business

With our hosted solution, we maintain and handle the system for you, so set up and maintenance is included in the package. We charge on a per month, per user basis so you will only ever pay for the lines you use, like a utility bill. Additional features such as call recording, IVR’s and call storage are available and can be added on a pay-monthly basis.

Why Choose a Hosted PBX at a glance…

Phone Book

You can keep your existing numbers to avoid any confusion for your customers.

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You will gain access to a large range of telephony features, like call recording, live call statistics, call forwarding, call groups, and many more.

Shield Icons

You can set up call transfers to improve business continuity. For example, you can route calls to ‘Out of Hours’ numbers, mobiles or other devices so you never miss a customer call.

Execution Icon

You are able to keep track of your usage, scale users up or down, manage your call features and create new call groups very quickly and easily.

Hosted Phone System Pricing

Hosted PBX

Pricing On Request

Optional Extras

  • Call Queue - Pricing On Request
  • IVR - Pricing On Request
  • Call Recording - Pricing On Request

For all the benefits and cost savings our hosted platform can bring, all you need is an internet connection!

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